Sunday Best, Skincare and Traditions

Sunday Best, Skincare and Traditions

Growing up in a small community in the parish of St. Andrew, Jamaica, there were many traditions that I came to love and still live by today. I truly believe that sometimes less is more. In this context I mean, my brothers and I were raised in a humble setting, we didn't have much, but we were rich in love for life, for each other, for the little we had, and out of that little, the amount we were able to share with our other friends in the community. Many traditions were passed on to us from our parents, but with the friends we grew up around, we developed many more of our own. From climbing trees and picking fresh fruits, playing traditional games such as dandy shandy, jump-rope and others in our dirt yard, to finding ourselves in church on the weekend, whether Saturday or Sunday.

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But the traditions I want to focus on in this blog, are those that have essentially paved the way for me to be on this journey today, which is formulating my own line of skincare products. 

As a kid, I lived the tradition of what I like to call "Sunday Best"- a routine that predominantly occurred on Sundays. Sundays were classified as "hair day". My mom would spend hours washing, steaming, deep conditioning and then styling my hair, so that I would be set for school in the week ahead. We would have our baths earlier on a Sunday and don our Sunday Best; meaning we'd dress up in nicer clothes. The best meals were cooked on a Sunday, and everyone would gather at the table or in the living room to eat, and watch Sunday matinee. Our home was cleaned from top to bottom, as we move to the tunes of Beres Hammond, Bob Marley, Traditional gospel music and a host of other hits from musical pioneers, also deemed as Sunday Best.

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During my teenage years, I also maintained some of those skincare and beauty traditions, where I started to formulate my own concoctions of skincare remedies such as my famous Cornmeal and Aloe face mask- LOL!, and my Aloe Vera with Eggs and a variety of oils deep conditioner that I would use to steam my hair with a shower cap. I had no idea I was setting myself up for my passion business.

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Fast forward to today, what do I do? Well, let's just say, on a personal level I carry on those traditions with my own kids. My girls get the best hair wash on a Sunday, which involves the whole deep condition process, they shower early, my house gets an overall clean, we cook the best meals, dress up and go for ice- cream (my eldest daughter's every Sunday request).

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For myself, one of the main things I do on a Sunday, is step into self-care mode. I am accustomed to that, right? Why stop now? I may steam my hair, exfoliate, soak, change nail polish colors and just bask in relaxation and tradition. 

But what are my favorite products to use during this process of skincare Sunday best traditions. I will list a few here:

1. MalyNature's Mango and Coffee Sugar Scrub

By far, this is my favorite body scrub. This spa-quality emulsified sugar and coffee scrub is moisturizing, and exfoliating all at once. It can literally be used on its own in the shower, as it also lathers. The sugar is a gentle exfoliant, and you get a bit more of abrasion from the coffee grounds that have been added. I even love using it as an exfoliant for my feet when doing a foot soak and pedicure. Leaves my feet so soft and nourished. I mean what more could one ask for?!

2. MalyNature's Whipped Body Butters

After exfoliating, I always enjoy a thicker moisturizer to really get into my skin, soften and seal in moisture. MalyNature's body butters do just that! They are non-greasy and include luxurious oils, butters and additives to create a rich and thick moisturizer that I promise your skin will love. There are five (5) types, so you have options based on your needs. Check them out here.

 3. MalyNature's Bath Bombs

These fizzy, foamy spheres of goodness, offer the ultimate soak and relaxation experience. They are made with beautiful fragrances that fill your whole bathroom, and the ingredients used gives the water a silky feel and leave my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. My four (4) year old absolutely loves them, and if allowed, would soak with a bath bomb every single day!


So there you have it!

The inside scoop of some of my favorite products from MalyNature, as  well as a bit of my culture and background, all packed in one easy to read blog. 

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What are some of your traditions? Leave a comment below, let's start a discussion. I'm curious to know some of your self-care practices. 

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"Love the skin you wear, and wear your skin with love."


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