Our Story

MalyNature is a small business located in Calgary AB, Canada, dedicated to providing unique, top quality hair, skin and self-care products, as well as exceptional customer experience all bundled with love, as a gift from me to you. 
I always had an interest in using natural skincare products and would shop for those items whenever possible. I would usually research products and try different concoctions for my hair and skin and pass down my findings to my mom or anyone who would listen, for them to try out.
I decided to strengthen my skills during Covid-19 quarantine, where I made a hobby out of making products my family could benefit from. More than anything else, it was a source of therapy for me, as being separated from extended family and friends, restricted from travel and the uncertainties within the health sector whilst expecting a new addition to our family and being laid off from my full time job, started to take a toll on my emotional and mental well-being. 
After making a few soaps, testing them and noticing how effective they were, I decided to offer free samples to friends and strangers, as my stash was getting too high. Yes, soap making is addictive! With all the positive feedback I was receiving, I started to consider the prospects of making it a business. So I researched the details surrounding starting a soap making business in Alberta, Canada and I also started to look for ways of sharpening my skills and learning more about ingredients and their benefits, as well as how they work together in formulations. I created my Facebook page to showcase my soaps and developed a website for ease of purchase and just like that, Maly was born!
The term Maly is derived from my last name Malcolm, as I wanted a name that was personal, unique and luxurious to the sound. Later, I decided to make a slight change and included Nature, as the business is based on the use of natural ingredients.  
Today, in addition to handcrafted soaps, we have diversified our brand into creating wholesome bath, body and fragranced products that we love to use in our home, and have decided to share them with you. We hope to one day offer a full home spa experience of wonderful products for your whole family to enjoy.
When you make your purchase, you are shopping from a woman, mother and wife, who understands the challenges that come with finding time to nurture oneself, but recognise that it is important to do so as you cannot pour from an empty cup. I incorporate affirmations on the product labels to give you a mental boost as you pamper yourself, for a complete self-care experience. I am determined to do my little part in enriching lives by providing high quality, effective products at affordable prices that you are sure to love. Shop with confidence, you've made the right choice coming here.  
Best wishes,