Welcome To MalyNature

Welcome To MalyNature

Hi There,  
I am so happy you have taken the liberty of stopping here to learn a little about MalyNature. I hope you will stick around as you will find that my blogs are different and offer a unique element- that's me! You will be taken on a journey of discovery, gain insight on things I have learned, experienced and currently navigating through. You will be privy to relatable, true life issues that I face as it relates to hair, skin-care and self care and I will talk to you about how I overcome some of these challenges, as well as how I cope with things that are beyond my control. 


MalyNature Affirmation Candle

If you are looking for ideas about products that you can use to care for challenging 4C type hair, whether it is for yourself or your child, you are at the right place. I am an afro-Caribbean mother of two (2) young girls, living in a country where it can be difficult to find the right products to properly handle our hair type. I also make botanical infused scalp massage oils that work perfectly for other hair types.

4C Type Hair

If you are looking for suggestions on products, routine or ingredients to nourish and enhance the appearance of your skin, look no further, MalyNature offers a plethora of artisan products that are locally made in Calgary Alberta, Canada, using natural and gentle ingredients to cater to your skin care needs. 
This blog will provide you with suggestions of products to try, how to use them and details of the ingredients used and why we have chosen them. So you will be properly informed before you decide to make the plunge of immersing yourself into the wonderful world of MalyNature skincare. If you are looking for motivation, mental wellness boosts and self-care options, then this blog is right up your alley, you will find plenty of affirmations, motivational quotes and product suggestions to help channel your energy and improve your mood. 
Please note that I do not and will not make any medicinal claims on any of the products I make, sell or discuss here. I am not a dermatologist, medical practitioner or professional trichology expert. I am a formulator, content creator and business owner of a handcrafted bath, body and aromatherapy products business. I conduct adequate research and testing of all the ingredients used as well as the final products for stability and efficacy and provide my own personal experiences about how the products are to be used and my observation on how they work. MalyNature's products are for cosmetic purposes only. However, the best quality ingredients are sourced and chosen based on their known value to the skin and overall wellness. In essence, you won't be disappointed, in fact, you are in for a treat! 
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The content on this site is not intended as medicinal advice. The thoughts, products and ingredients discussed in this blog are for cosmetic use. If you have a condition that requires treatment, please consider seeking the advise of a medical practitioner. However, the ingredients used in our products are chosen based on research and testing, and due to their studied benefits to the skin and hair. As an amazon associate, MalyNature earns from qualifying purchases. The links attached to some of the photos in the posts may be amazon affiliate links and your support is greatly appreciated.


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