Turmeric Carrot Soap- Feature Product

Turmeric Carrot Soap- Feature Product

In my culture and ethnic group, we talk a lot about and use Carrot and Turmeric in a number of ways. As a matter of fact, I can almost guarantee that if you visit any Caribbean folk's home, and check their pantry or refrigerator, you will find Turmeric and Carrot there, unless they ran out and need to visit the grocery store. From the finger licking good Curried Goat with a side of Roti, to the refreshing drink of Carrot punch, amped up with Dragon Stout, and all the various ways these versatile gems can be incorporated in our skin care regimen- make them worth talking about and give them a front seat in the golden foods popularity awards... Hmm, I wish that was a thing. 

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So, since there isn't such a thing as the "golden foods popularity awards", as good as it sounds, I have decided to honor them, in my own way, by telling you about a soap I created, using my very own formula, that makes good use of these two awardees in the form of my Turmeric Carrot Soap scented in Tea Tree and Orange 5 Fold essential oils.

 What makes it so popular?

Our Turmeric Carrot Soap isn't just any old soap that you merely use for cleansing the skin, wash off, towel dry and go! We have carefully formulated it to be cleansing, yes- that is the main purpose of any soap. However, we have designed this product to nourish, hydrate and leave your skin feeling refreshed and renewed. In addition, turmeric and carrot powders, as the feature ingredients in this soap bar, are known to have skin-toning and brightening properties. They are rich in Vitamin C, which helps to remove dark spots from the skin. I'll discuss each of these items separately, so they have their own minute of shine!


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Bright yellow/orange in color, turmeric is a flowering plant from the ginger family. The root is the power ingredient that is often grounded and used for cooking, skincare, and otherwise processed for medicinal use. To stay on topic, we will focus on turmeric in skincare, best fitted for this blog.

Turmeric is used in skincare due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. If you follow my blogs, you will see these two terms used often. This is because they are so important in the maintenance of healthy skin. They work to reduce skin irritant issues, balance the pH in the skin to reveal a healthier, more vibrant and youthful appearance. So, because turmeric contains these benefits, it is used in skincare products to address issues related to acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and so much more. One of the key features of turmeric is its known benefit to remove dark spots, brighten and even skin-tone. 

Some applications that turmeric is commonly used in includes:

- Soap

- Face Masks

- Face and Body Scrubs

- Face Creams

- Body Butters

Turmeric has been used topically to heal wounds more quickly, again because it decreases inflammation and oxidation. It also reduces the appearance of scarring.

Now before you go off dosing turmeric on your skin, be mindful that when used directly on the skin, turmeric may leave a temporary stain. For this reason, most products containing turmeric, such as some face masks, are better used as night treatment, so it can be washed off in the morning before you need to go out. This is not the case for all products, however. For example, our Turmeric and Carrot soap will not stain the skin, and can be used for both face and body.  

Also, when applied directly to the skin, turmeric may cause skin irritation, redness and swelling. This is usually for those who have sensitivities or are allergic to it. Therefore, it is best to use it in properly formulated products, such as Maly's Turmeric Carrot Soap, rather than trying to use it raw on the skin.

Carrot Powder

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Growing up, we were always encouraged to eat lots of carrots for better vision and healthier looking skin. This is attributed to the beta-carotene content that is found in carrots. What is beta- carotene?

Beta-carotene is a red-orange pigment found in some plants, fruits and bright colored vegetables. The body converts carotene in to Vitamin A (retinol) which is important for healthy skin, our immune system and good vision. In addition to the carotene content, carrots are also a good source of antioxidants and Vitamin C which result in radiant, glowing skin.

We all want that, right? So next time you go grocery shopping, grab a bag of carrots!

Carrot powder, in skin care products, act as an excellent source of moisturization for the skin. It helps to balance out oiliness, remove toxins and dead skin cells, to reveal fresh, healthier looking skin. It may also help to clear sun tan and protect the skin from UV ray damage. One aspect I think you will love, is that carrot powder can help to prevent early signs of ageing due its rich Vitamin C content that produces collagen and smoothens creases, dark spots and wrinkles.

Some applications that carrot powder is commonly used in includes:

- Soap

- Body Wash

- Face Wash

- Face Creams

- Lotions

- Face Masks

- Face and Body Scrubs

Carrot powder is a gentle ingredient which is not typically a skin irritant unless you are allergic or have sensitivities to it. 

Now that we have explored the key ingredients on their own, let's take a look at the benefits of some of the other amazing ingredients that have been used in the formulation of our amazing Turmeric Carrot Soap.

 What it includes?

Babassu Oil

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Originated in Brazil, the oil is made from the seeds of the Babassu palm tree. It is ethically sourced and processed by locals. It is very soft and silky to the touch, solid at room temperature but absorbs quickly upon contact with the skin. It is very similar to coconut oil, however, I find it to be more nourishing and far less greasy. Babassu oil has a number of benefits in skincare products. It is rich in antioxidants that are known to fight against free radicals that can potentially damage the skin. The fatty acids in Babassu oil, make it a lovely moisturizer for both face and body. It will not cause build up that clogs pores, so it is great for acne prone skin. 

Hemp Seed Oil

In Jamaica, our fore-parents used one strain of cannabis that we call "Ganja" in our native dialect. They used it for literally everything. It was used to make tea, placed in baked products, set to cure for months and used for muscular pain and skin issues, smoked- LOL!

.... and really I could go on and on!

Like Ganja, Hemp Seed oil has a number of benefits, and is widely used in skincare. It is derived from the seeds of the hemp plant. We have added it to our Turmeric Carrot Soap because it works well for most skin types and moisturizes without clogging pores. I add it to a face cream that I made for my husband who has oily skin and prone to acne, and he loves that he no longer has break out issues. This can be attributed to the fact that Hemp Seed oil is known to regulate the skin's oil production and balance out oily skin. Hemp Seed Oil is used to soothe skin irritations and flare ups such as eczema and psoriasis. 

Sweet Almond Oil

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This is one of my favorite oils. It is used in a variety of our skincare products. But what does Sweet Almond Oil really bring to the table? Why have we added it to the Turmeric Carrot Soap?

Sweet Almond oil consists of Omega-3 fatty acids which help prevent premature aging and damage brought on by the sun's harmful rays. It is often used for evening skin tone, and its Zinc content helps to heal acne and other bodily scars.

It also has Vitamin A (retinol) that helps with the production of new skin cells, and decreasing fine lines.  I must also mention that it is rich in Vitamin E, a staple in skincare products. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps to prevent cell damage. 

Sweet Almond oil is often used to reduce puffiness and dark spots around the eyes. It may also improve acne prone skin by controlling excessive oil build-up. It is an excellent moisturizer for dry skin, and soothe conditions related to eczema and psoriasis. 

In addition to all the aforementioned benefits, we use Sweet Almond oil in our Turmeric Carrot Soap because it is known to improve skin complexion and as mentioned before, even skin tone. As a bonus, Sweet Almond oil can help lighten the appearance of stretch marks. 

Whew! Do you see why we love this oil? And the list of benefits has not even been exhausted!

It is literally good for soooo many things.  

Aloe Vera

If I could use Aloe Vera in everything, I really would. LOL!! I just love it so much. I guess I had no choice. I remember growing up, as a kid, my mom would blend Aloe Vera with orange juice for our weekly cleanse routine. Horrible to the taste, but she would always remind me of how good it was for the skin. And you know what, I guess I believe her now, because when I reflect, I never really had break out issues until I became an adult and decided I was now grown and did not need to keep up with such a distasteful habit.

But now, here I am, singing its praises!

Really though, Aloe Vera is a must in skincare. Incorporating it in your regimen will yield only positive results. For this reason, we decided to add Aloe Vera to our formula when creating our Turmeric Carrot Soap. Aloe Vera offers hydrating properties and is used to soothe skin irritations related to sunburns, as well as flare ups from eczema, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis and more. 

Aloe Vera also includes Vitamins A and C. Do you see a pattern with the ingredients we have used?

It is also used to clarify the skin and remove dark spots as well as acne scars. Aloe Vera works well on sensitive skin and is suitable for all skin types. It helps reduce the signs of early ageing and repair skin cells to reveal your super glow!


Tea Tree Essential Oil

In addition to being used for fragrance in our Turmeric and Carrot Soap, tea tree offers its own share of benefits to this soap. Tea Tree essential oil helps to calm inflamed, irritated skin due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is thought to aid with the prevention and removal or acne scars, remove dark spot for youthful looking skin.

Orange 5 Fold Essential Oil

Orange essential oil , is rich in Vitamin C. In addition to offering a beautiful scent to the Turmeric and Carrot Soap, it was included due to its known benefits to the skin. 

Orange essential oil is useful for the maintenance of healthy skin. It clarifies, hydrates and smoothens by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, acne and other skin concerns. It is very beneficial for improving texture to reveal beautiful, radiant skin!

Shea Butter

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Is that jack-of-all-trades in skincare products. It can be applied directly to the skin and is widely used in soaps, hair products, lotions and creams. Shea butter is rich in fatty acids and vitamins which make it very moisturizing, soothing, softening and hydrating.

Mango Butter

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Is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes itchiness and dryness often associated with eczema and dermatitis. It contains fatty acids that soothe and softens the skin and the Vitamin C content in Mango Butter, helps to reduce signs of aging.

Kaolin Clay

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Draws impurities from the skin, removes dirt, build-up and excessive oils to reduce break-outs in acne-prone skin. It is a very gentle clay and works well for those with sensitive skin. 

 Castor Oil

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Is known for its anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties. It helps reduce the signs of aging, and is an excellent source of moisture retention in the skin. It is soothing for irritated and sensitive skin.

Olive Oil

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Contains anti-bacterial properties and is very moisturizing for the skin. It offers excellent hydrating and soothing properties for dry skin. It has anti-oxidant properties to help reduce the signs of aging. 

 How to use it?

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Dampen skin with warm water. Roll soap in hand to activate the lather. Apply bar soap over damp area of body. You may also use a washcloth or loofah to form a full lather.  Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Towel blot and apply your favorite skin moisturizer. For best result, try one of Maly's Whipped Body Butters. They are perfect to soothe and seal in moisture to skin for a supple, hydrated feel. Click Here to view our collection.

So, there you have it!

 Maly's Turmeric Carrot Soap consists of amazing oils, butters and additives that all work together to offer great benefits to the skin. The custom fragrance blend of Tea Tree and Orange 5 Fold essential oils, serve a dual purpose and seals the deal with this great product.

Want to try one? Get 10% off. Use code: BLOG21 on our website at https://www.malynature.com. Offer valid for any product other than already discounted items.

Link to Turmeric and Carrot Soap


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