Lip Spa Collection

Lip Spa Collection


Smack 'em, Kiss 'em, Bite 'em, Plump 'em, our lips go through so much. They are exposed to harsh environmental conditions and often do not get the attention they deserve. We typically just apply our lip stick, and hope that is sufficient to mask the abuse they have endured and make us look good. If we remember, or if they start to rebel, we may add the first lip balm we can get our hands on to help us bear the discomfort of cracked, chapped lips.

But, have we considered the ingredients and the benefits of the lip products we use?

With so many options on the market and the price point, we barely stop to try and figure out what our lips really need. We buy one, use it, and if we don't like it we either just throw it out, or put it to the back of our bathroom drawer and forget about it. Speaking affirmatively from experience here! Sometimes they are forgotten in my purse or I place them in my jacket pocket from winter, they get washed in the laundry and all sorts of things. Lol! They seem to be so insignificant that if you can't find it, you don't even bother looking for it, just buy another one, right?

But what if you were to discover products that truly care for your lips? I mean products that were developed with your lip-care needs in mind, to nourish, moisturize, and repair damaged lips. Is that even something we care about in skin-care?

I know I do!

When my lips start to rebel, they become really violent, they burn, blister and bruise. I had to figure out a way to keep them happy.

And so, I went in search of a solution, did some research that led to the development of Maly's Lip Care Collection, which will be discussed in more details below. First I want to touch on some key points about lip care and its importance.

Why Is Lip Care Important?

Because our lips are constantly exposed to the elements, harsh winters, hot, dry summers, and everything in between, they need some love too. In addition, lip care is important to maintain plump, youthful, wrinkle-free lips. But how can we care for these delicate babies? 

Tips to Care for our Lips?

During my research, I came across an article by Becky Kamowitz of the Sun and Skin News from the Skin Cancer Foundation. She listed five (5) tips for maintaining healthy, smooth, kissable lips and I will share them below:

- Exfoliate

One of the reasons we find that no matter how much lip balm/gloss we use, our lips still feel dry and chapped, is because we need to exfoliate. Exfoliation is important for removing dead skin cells. I recommend once or twice per week and preferably at night, as they can become a bit sensitive afterwards and exposure to the sun at this point might not be a good idea. In case you are wondering where to find a good lip exfoliant, check out Maly's Lip Scrub from the Lip Spa Collection. It was carefully designed to gently exfoliate your lips, while nourishing them at the same time, plus it tastes so yummy! Available in a variety of flavors so you can pick your favorite.

- Hydrate

Becky noted in her article that the reason lips tend to dry out so easily is because, unlike other parts of our body, our lips do not contain oil glands. Drinking lots of water and avoid the bad habit of licking them- yeah, I'm guilty too.. will help to combat that. Using Maly's Lip Butter from the Lip Spa Collection can help to hydrate the lips also. It is made with Grapeseed oil which is useful for nourishing and hydrating the lips.  

- Protect and Moisturize

Did you know that our lips are a common spot for skin cancer? Becky mentioned that our bottom lips especially, are often overly exposed to UV Rays. Applying a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher is recommended for lips.  Continuous, unprotected exposure to harsh sunlight puts us at risk to skin conditions to include cancer. So, keeping our lips moisturized with good products and protecting them with the use of approved sunscreen, is important in our lip care regimen. Maly's Collection of lip balms are formulated with the best-quality moisturizing oils and butters your lips are sure to love.

- Reapply Frequently

So yeah, lip balm is not a one and done application. It should be within arms reach of you, ready for reapplication throughout the day. And no, "I was too busy" is not a plausible excuse. And gentlemen, you need it too! Our men tend to think that some things are not for them, but I'm here to tell you, that your lady friend would appreciate your kisses more if you took better care of your lips. So bring your lip balm to work with you, and actually use it!

- Use the Right Products

You can't go wrong with natural products. They are gentle on the skin and so effective. They often work for people who have sensitive skin, unless they are allergic to a particular ingredient that has been used. Maly's Lip Spa Collection contains natural ingredients that were researched to be nourishing and moisturizing to repair dry, chapped lips, and to maintain healthy lips. Check out our great options Here.

Maly's Lip Scrub

Have you ever had excessively dry lips, and it seems no matter what you do, how much lip balm you apply, it just won't go away? See our lips are very sensitive and are exposed to elements that often cause damage to them over time, such as harsh cold, hot temperatures and even some of the food we eat, or medication we take. To help repair the lips and prevent them from getting to a point where they are unbearable, we recommend including Maly's Lip Scrub into your regimen, at least twice per week. For best results, use at night before bed. As with any scrub, the skin may become sensitive and should be allowed to rest before exposure to beauty products and the elements.

Maly's Lip Scrub is made up of skin loving ingredients such as Macademia Nut Oil and Jojoba Oil (discussed below) that work along with the exfoliant which removes dead skin cells, to clean and condition the lips. Choose from four (4) options: Strawberry Peppermint, Cherry, Peppermint or Original (unflavored). You may also inquire about a custom flavor if you have a personal favorite that you would like to have instead.

Maly's Lip Butter

This is a must have in your lip care regimen. The texture of Maly's Lip Butter is to die for! And a little really goes a long way. It glides on to the lips easily, leaving them feeling so soft and smooth. For best results, apply after exfoliating the lips with Maly's Lip Scrub. It is such a versatile product that it can be used as your regular lip moisturizer and even as a cuticle oil. 

For your indulgence, Maly's Lip Butter is available in three (3) different flavors as well as unflavored, for those with sensitivities. 

Maly's Lip Balm- "I Got Dem Balm Lips"

Now these are a must have for your collection. Maly's Lip Balms from our 1st release of the " I Got Dem Balm Lips" series are ultra moisturizing and nourishing. They are formulated with luxurious and exotic ingredients such as Kokum Butter and Sweet Almond Oil (discussed below), that are generally hard to find in main stream lip products. They are available in six (6) yummy flavors, such as Peppermint, Tropical Mango, Bubble Gum, Cherry, Strawberry Cream, Acai & Blueberry, as well as Original (unflavored option).

But the highlight of these delicious lip treats is not only on the lovely ingredients and delicious flavors. They are labelled with funny, quirky, cheeky quotes that make them suitable for gifts or to give you that boost you need to get through your day. Check them out Here.

Speaking of ingredients, here is a list of what can be found in Maly's Lip Spa Collection and their purpose. 

-Kokum Butter

The main ingredient in our lip balms, Kokum Butter is a firm butter similar to Cocoa Butter but absorbs much faster into the skin making it super moisturizing. Kokum Butter is derived from the Kokum Tree in India, and is used for a variety of cosmetic products. Kokum butter is an exotic ingredient that is edible and often used to make food items such as chocolate. In skincare it is used to make balms, salves, makeup and lotions. 

In lip care, Kokum Butter adds a luxurious, supple feel. It locks in moisture and helps to soothe irritation, such as excessive dryness that may lead to chapped, bruised, or cracked lips. 

-Shea Butter

A power-house in skincare, Shea Butter is popularly known for its versatility and benefits in natural cosmetics. It is widely used in haircare products, lotions, lip care, body and face washes. 

In lip care, Shea Butter is used as a healing agent for  dry, chapped lips. It nourishes and smoothens lips, consists of an abundance of fatty acids which offers great moisturizing benefits. 

- Lanolin

This is a yellow, tacky, waxy substance that is derived from the skin of sheep. It has a Vaseline consistency and used in a variety of skincare products including nipple cream for breastfeeding mothers.

Lanolin is very popular in lip products such as lip balms and glosses as it gives that sheen we often enjoy on our lips. Most importantly, Lanolin penetrates the lips rather than just sitting on top of them, therefore, it is extremely moisturizing and nourishing. This ingredient can make a big difference in your regimen if you suffer from severely bothersome dry lips. For this reason, we have also included it in our Lip Butter, recommended for use at night, so it can repair your lips while you sleep.

- Beeswax

We all can name at least one benefit of beeswax in cosmetics. That is because it is such an important and popular ingredient in many of the products we use on our hair and skin for many years, perhaps before some us were even born.

Beeswax in lip care holds moisture which is great for chapped lips and acts as a natural protectant from UV rays. It has anti-bacterial elements that makes it suitable for sensitive skin.

- Jojoba Oil

This is such an amazing product in skincare. It closely matches the natural sebum of our skin, which makes it perfect for all skin types and helps to heal and protect the skin from the elements. Jojoba oil is widely used in skincare products due to its anti-aging properties. It can be applied directly to the face as a night serum or mixed with other ingredients for many other uses.

Our lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body and deserves all the care it can get. For this reason, we have included Jojoba Oil in our Lip Care Collection. Jojoba oil contains essential vitamins such as E and B, as well as Zinc and Copper which are beneficial for soft, smooth lips.

- Sweet Almond Oil

Rich in fatty acids essential for nourishing, moisturizing and revitalizing any skin type, Sweet Almond Oil is widely used in skincare products to aid in the reduction of black spots and tone the skin. 

In lip care, Sweet Almond Oil is used to reduce the appearance of lines on the lips caused by dryness. It retains moisture to the lips and will leave them feeling and looking softer and healthier. I have also read where Sweet Almond Oil is used to brighten the color of lips to make them appear more pink. While I am unable to validate this claim, I believe there is some merit to it, as Sweet Almond Oil has been proven to help brighten skin complexion. 

- Vitamin E

You may be using skincare products with this ingredient and not aware of it, as it often appears on ingredient lists as Tocopherol. So the next time you see that name on your favorite skincare products, you know what it is. Vitamin E is an amazing, skin loving ingredient. It is naturally occurring in a number of oils and butters used in skincare. However, formulators often include it separately due to its antioxidant properties to protect against free radicals. 

Vitamin E promotes cell turnover and regeneration, so when this thick substance is used on the lips, new cells are formed at a faster rate. When used with other nourishing ingredients, Vitamin E helps to eliminate dryness and irritation of the lips. 

- Grapeseed Oil

A lightweight oil derived from the by-product of wine making.

All wine lovers say, "Woot, woot!

The seeds left over from the extraction of grape juice to make wine, is then processed into the skincare gem of Grapeseed oil.

Grapeseed oil is widely used in lip care due to it's fast absorbing qualities. It melts right into the skin, moisturizes, leaving your lips with a soft, silky feel. It has antioxidant properties that protects the lips from harmful free radicals. Maly uses this ingredient in the Lip Butter to help seal in moisture to deeply repair dry, chapped lips.   

- Stearic Acid

Does not sound like the traditional ingredient you are likely to find in natural skincare products, right? Well, Stearic Acid is a long chain fatty acid found in a range of plant and animal sources. For example, it is naturally occurring in Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter. 

In lip-care, Stearic Acid gives a buttery, rich texture to the product. For this reason, Maly has included it in the Lip Butter, an amazing product that is designed to help repair severely chapped lips. 

- Sugar

A key ingredient in Maly's Lip Scrub, Sugar is included for its amazing exfoliating benefits. It removes dead skin cells and when followed up with a moisturizing product such as Maly's Lip Butter, results in soft, silky smooth lips.

- Macademia Nut Oil

 Popular in haircare products, Macademia Nut is also a personal favorite in skincare. It is rich in fatty acids that help prevent premature aging and water loss. This makes it a great ingredient for dry and sensitive skin.

Macademia Nut has been used as an ingredient in Maly's Lip Spa Collection due to its antioxidant and moisturizing properties that offers a soft, smooth feel to the lips.

- Coconut Oil

No stranger to us in the skincare world, Coconut oil is used in a variety of products and is very beneficial to the skin. It helps to reduce inflammation, repair dry skin, protects the skin from harmful bacteria and aids in wound healing.

Maly uses Coconut Oil in the Lip Spa Collection due to its known ability to brighten the lips. Its moisturizing properties are perfect for blistered, chapped lips that are damaged over time due to over exposure to the elements. 

- Cera Bellina

 An exotic ingredient that is a derivative of beeswax, and offers a gel-like texture in finished products that is hard to substitute with another ingredient. It is suitable for sensitive skin and offers a smooth, satin-like feeling to the skin.

It was included as an ingredient in Maly's Lip Spa Collection due to the professional, spa- quality finish and stability it offers to the products. It leaves the lips feeling so soft and nourished, and is an overall great addition to lip care products.

- LuxGlide N350

Another strange name for an ingredient to be included in natural skin-care products. Right?! LuxGlide N350 is a natural alternative to silicones and retains moisture in the skin. It offers a silky feel to the skin, and aids in the spreadability of lotions and creams when being applied.. 

Derived from Castor oil and Coconut oil, LuxGlide N350 is biodegradable and offers a smooth, supple feel to the lips.

 So there you have it!

Maly's Lip Spa Collection is a complete kit designed to help you take care of a sensitive part of the body that is so important but often gets neglected, our Lips! Each part of the collection is sold individually. However, for best results, consider purchasing the Trio Kit. It is a game-changer that you are sure to love.

What is your Lip Care routine? Let's start a discussion. Leave a comment if you enjoyed this post or have a question about any of these great products.

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Kamowitz, B5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Lips, Jan. 28, 2021. Sun & Skin News. Skin Cancer Foundation.

"Love the skin you wear, and wear your skin with love."

- Kashieka Malcolm

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