Collection: Affirmation Handcrafted Bar Soaps

Looking for a pick-me-up that also cleanses and nourishes the skin? Malynature's artisan soaps are more than just lathery goodness, they are also labelled with quotes that seek to motivate, uplift and affirm how amazing you truly are. They are great for conversation starters and a perfect choice for gifting to someone special.

Malynature's bar soaps are handcrafted in small batches high- quality, luxurious ingredients. They are carefully formulated with all skin types in mind, suited for varied purposes. Whether you are in need of exfoliation, moisture, hydration or any other concern, we may have something for you.

Malynature's Bar soaps are a great choice to minimize waste, they are eco-friendly with minimal packaging. Our ingredients are sourced from local suppliers, our way of supporting other small businesses within our city.

Made in Calgary AB, Canada, with love!