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Ayurvedic Hair Repair & Growth Oil

Ayurvedic Hair Repair & Growth Oil

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MalyNature's Ayurvedic Hair Repair & Growth Oil was formulated with your hair in mind. The main ingredients chosen are traditionally used in Indian and African cultures to treat, strengthen and grow hair. The herbs are combined and infused in MalyNature's special blend of oils known for their benefits to the skin and hair, resulting in this potent and powerful all natural product. It is a versatile, lightweight oil suitable for all hair types and recommended for those struggling with damaged, stagnant and dry hair. Use as a daily massage oil to stimulate the scalp, restore growth of edges and reduce hair loss.

What's in it?

Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Amla, Spirulina, Bhringraj, Jatamansi, Moringa and Burdock Oil.


On its own, MalyNature's Ayurvedic Hair Repair & Growth Oil offers a potent earthy aroma due to the infusion of natural herbs. While some people enjoy that, we understand that it is not for everyone. So we created a blend of essential oils that are known for their own benefits to the hair and skin, and also provide a fresh, pleasant fragrance for your hair. You will feel like you have just had your scalp massaged at a spa.

*Stay tuned for our upcoming blog where we discuss all the ingredients used in this products and why we chose them

For external use only!


Part hair into sections and apply oil to roots, massage into the scalp and work it through the shafts of the hair. For best results, use along with a hair tea or water spray, and bind with a leave-in conditioner, cream or hair butter. May be used as a hot oil treatment by warming a small amount in a water bath (container of hot water), apply the oil to the hair and scalp and cover with a steam cap for 15-30mins, then wash and style as desired. Microwave can be used but may create hot pockets in the oil which may result in burns if not careful. It may be used for hair maintenance when wearing protective styles by applying it to the scalp to reduce itchiness and dryness. The oil may also be used as a heat barrier when styling, straightening and/or for blowouts. Hence, it is an all purpose, must have product for your hair-care regimen.


96 ml

Note:  We have now received our new bottles. The Ayurvedic Hair Repair and Growth Oil will be delivered in the bottle displayed in the picture and no longer in the previous one.


MalyNature's hair and body oils are handmade and poured. Imperfections may be observed, the product is not defective, rather it is the unique appearance of the item. Product may not look exactly as displayed.

Made with care, thoughtfulness and love in Calgary, Alberta!


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