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Wax Melts | Handpoured Soy Blend

Wax Melts | Handpoured Soy Blend

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A perfect alternative to the open flames in candles, Malynature's wax melts, hand-poured and made with natural soy blend wax, offers a delightful aroma to any space. With ten (10) fragrances to choose from, you are sure to find an option that suits you best.



Like Fine Wine- Black Cherry

Sunny Side- Sun Bliss

Clean Cabin- Cotton & Sandalwood

Nutty Gingerbread Man- Gingerbread & Nutty Nog

Autumn Days- Bourboned Pumpkin

Ocean Fresh- Blue Agave

Spa-Dom- Mahogany Teakwood

Grey Area- Fifty Shades

Nana's Kitchen- Sweet Apple Pie

Canada's Choice- Maple Sugar Almond


Natural Soy Blend Wax

Phthalate Free

Paraben Free


79 g


Open the clamshell and break of a section or two of the wax melt. Place the broken portion of the wax melt onto the wax warmer (available for sale on our website). Ensure that a lit tealight candle is placed at the base of the wax melt warmer. As the warmer heats up, the wax melt on top will begin to melt and give off the aroma.

Malynature's wax melts are best enjoyed in more compact spaces such as bathrooms, bedrooms, small sitting areas or entryways. They are not guaranteed to fill a large, expansive space.


Our wax melts are hand-poured, slight variations and imperfections may be evident. They are not defective. At times, natural waxes tend to offer an irregular appearance.  Product may not look exactly as displayed.

Made with care and thoughtfulness in Calgary AB :)



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