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Relax Room Spray

Relax Room Spray


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Maly's collection of aromatic room and linen sprays boast unique fragrances that you are sure to love. The sprays are house-blended in small batches with wholesome ingredients that are environmentally friendly. These sprays are versatile and can be used to spruce up all areas of your home, office or vehicle. They are gentle enough to mist on to your outfit as you head out.


This blend of fresh lavender and warm vanilla creates a fusion that will surely get you into a state of relaxation. The floral aroma of Lavender is tempered with spicy vanilla to create a sweet and delicate fragrance that will fill your space. Try using this spray just before bedtime for a deeper, calmer sleep. And if you just love the fragrance, use it freely throughout the day in any space that you wish. 



60 ml


It is recommended that when being used on linen or clothing, product is first tested on a small area to ensure it will not stain fabric.


Paraben Free

Phthalate Free


Environmentally Friendly

Made with care, thoughtfulness and love in Calgary :)




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